Software Gestionale

The system aims to unify the management, logistics and CRM of SG by normalizing and synthesizing, in the same flows and in the same applications, the operations required to satisfy the Client's request.
The implementation of a uniquely designed and dimensioned ad hoc system becomes a key tool for optimizing the use of human, technical, information and infrastructure resources by capitalizing on the logistics and management know-how acquired over the years.
It is in the Company's interest to provide an immediate response to the market with a wide range of logistics solutions supported by a valid application solution, identified by a common focal point for all Customers around which to diversify the peculiarities that characterize the individual requirement of the Customer usually constituted From the ways of communicating with Customer's systems and publishing the results.

System features:
• synthesize and reduce the amount of applications in such a way as to reduce development and maintenance costs;
• concentrate and optimize the know-how of operating resources avoiding the dispersion caused by the use of different applications destined for different clients;
• have a product dimensioned on "standard" issues to be proposed to new customers, which can be immediately operational after the sole development of input and output interfaces to and from the customer and after parametrization of processing processes.

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