Software solution for managing products, policies, claims, accounting, prints, and others

It allows safe and accurate management of a basic, but customizable, insurance agency.
The application allows for the management of insurance products, subscription of single policies and package subscriptions,
Management of the entire flow of claims, accounting maintenance, reports and letters of communication, producer management and quietances
Of payment, centralized records of doctors, insured, contractors and companies.
Subscription management is facilitated by automated steps that are guided by dynamic suggestions about the values ??to be entered,
Related to work situation, company group, product type and payment methods.
Policy park management is accessible from different panels, linked to total software management or located at the company
Of the contractor or directly to the individual insured.
Accounting involves the generation of bookkeeping securities and the recall of collection bargains, allowing you to manage the discrepancies
And allows you to link accounting movements to monthly data obtained from companies.
The flow of claims is handled with numerous registrations, from the first contact related to the complaint of the claim to the liquidation,
Passing through all states of processing, including expert assessments and medical assessments, all recorded, up to the economic stage
With quietances, advances and liquidations.
All documents collected by the software are archived and consulted in an internal archive, in PDF format.
User Experience has been designed with several responsive themes and you can customize for each user
Viewing the application making it easier to use. The choice of color and style matches was
Carried out by enclosing the requests and feedbacks obtained from field test operators.
Security and Authentication reflect the standings dictated by official LDAP and Active Directory protocols; Users access with their domain user,
Are profiled based on their membership group and have access to the features provided by the role only.
Allows you to manage your insurance company from any connected device, making it accessible anywhere,
With the use of dynamic style sheets and responsive javascript features, thanks to the adoption of bootstrap frameworks.

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